Welcome to the Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Lab!

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Molecular mechanisms of disease: probing disease from atom to tissue

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  • We strive to combat cancer by asking mechanistic questions at the intersection of biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology, and -omics technologies.                             
  • Folks have a lot of different motivations for being scientists – helping their families and communities, adding to the world’s collection of knowledge, learning about the world around (and within) them, making discoveries, shaping the next generation of scientists, and because they simply enjoy science!

  • Regardless of what you might have heard, seen, thought, or experienced, please know that you belong in our scientific community! In fact, we need you in the scientific enterprise!
  • The best science is performed by diverse teams – research has shown that more diverse teams make higher impact science discoveries, are better at solving complex problems, are more innovative, and generate more revenue (to name just a few!).