May 2021: Sohlmates graduate from SDSU!

May 2021: Sohl lab party #thankstovaccines!

March 2021: Sohlmates present their science at (virtual) SRS!

May 2020: Celebrating (social-distantly) successful defenses, a new MARC scholar, and getting through this most unusual spring!

Dec. 2019: Celebrating the end of a successful year!

Fall 2019: Sohlmates present their science at conferences!


May 2019: Celebrating a successful academic year!


May 2019: Michelle graduates with her BS, now off to Vanderbilt for her PhD! Congrats!

March 2019: Diego volunteers at the Barrio Logan Science and Arts Expo!


March 2019: #SohlMates present their work at SDSU’s SRS! Great job!


Spring 2019: #SohlMates represent at national conferences


August 2018: #SohlMates help shoot a commercial for the #IAMSDSU campaign

May 2018: Grace defends her M.S. degree!

May 2018: MARC Scholars Graduates party!

April 2018: SohlMates party!

March 2018: SDSU’s Student Research Symposium (SRS)!

Nov 2017: Lab Hotpot outing!

May 2017: Eric graduates!


May 2017: Graduation party for Stacy and Eric!


April 2017: SDSU Student Research Symposium (Madison wins an award!)


April 2017: #Sohlmates march for science!


January 2017-Photoshoot


January 2017-End of the Year Party!


November 2016-SohlMates go to ABRCMS in Tampa (Eric wins an award!)


September 2016-SohlMates crystal tray assembly line


April 2016-A great showing at SDSU symposia


March 2016-The SohlMates take the Stopped-Flow out for a test drive


March 2016-We love the diversity of our lab


February 2016-Our stopped-flow is here!


January 2016-Lab update


December 2015-Sohl Lab End of semester/Holiday party


December 2015-Sohl Lab photoshoot


November 2015-Our rapid quench is here

October 2015-Our first member, Adam, hard at work setting up crystal trays


September 2015-Lab renovations almost complete


August 2015-The Sohl Lab is open for business